Thursday, January 18, 2018

Lake Tahoe

We woke up to sunshine on Friday and decided it was a good day to head over the mountain to Lake Tahoe - what a pretty drive it was!  Unfortunately it was cloudy on the other side but the clouds still made for a beautiful backdrop!

Is there snow there?   Not really!!  The west is just like Colorado - hardly any snow yet this year!

We walked around a park like area so I could take pictures of the beautiful views!

This is a photo of Emerald Bay - what a cute island!!  We were supposed to hike down a mile and see Vikingsholm which is a castle at the bottom by the lake - but about the time we drove to that area, it started raining so that didn't happen!!  We were excited about hiking DOWN but not excited about hiking back up so I guess the weather made the decision for us!

We decided we needed coffee in the town so parked the car and of course I spotted a place right away!!  The coffee was delicious and I think I have Jeanine convinced she needs to go out for "special coffee" more often!!

So this is the ski lift that comes right into the town - notice all that snow - NOT!!!  Don't u love my photo right by the garbage can?

After our scenic drive, Bob grilled up some great steaks that evening and we were back at the table playing cards!!  I wasn't going to post this crazy picture but it's such a great memory that I have to!!

What a fun night we had getting beat at cards again!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Nevada Bound

We have wanted to fly out and see friends Bob and Jeanine for a LONG time but seems between the house and the shop, it just hadn't happened!!  When Frontier came out with some decent flights to Reno last month,  we called up Bob and said we were heading out!!

Bob and Glenn have been hunting partners for many, many years!  I had only met Jeanine when she came out to stay once while the guys were hunting but we got along great and seemed like we had been friends forever!

Our flight was just OK - it would have been great except for the LOUD lady right behind us - oh my gosh, she talked and talked and talked to the gal next to her and I think we had heard her entire life's stories by the time we arrived!!  I swore to myself I would bring my headphones next trip so I could drown out anyone talking with my music!!

Reno has a very nice airport - course it's strange to see those slot machines in the airport!!  We were gawking at things as we got off the plane and started walking - finally realized after walking for a while that we had missed the baggage claim and were in the other wing!!  Bob and Jeanine were waiting for us and it was sure fun to see them!!  We got our baggage and headed to their home in Gardnerville!

They have a lovely home out on the high desert and we felt right at home with all their mountains surrounding them!  Bob and Jeanine are both great cooks - I'm sure we both gained weight while we were there!!

Since they are avid card players, we didn't waste any time!!  Euchre was the choice most of the time and we had fun looking up the different rules since none of us quite remembered how to play!!

We even got some exercise each day as they walk their dog Cooper every morning!  Mornings were chilly but the days were nice - a lot like Colorado weather!  We had clouds for a couple of days but that just made the mountains look more spectacular!  Here's the view from their house!

All the juniper trees had berries on them and from a distance, it looked like flocked snow!

One of Bob's hobbies is buying old tractors and fixing them up!  These two decorate their front yard!

I couldn't stop snapping pictures of the mountains!

Love this tree in their front yard - made for a perfect picture in front of the mountains!

 The guys hunted for arrowheads on Thursday - Jeanine and I were content to visit and read!  We went to an awesome Chinese restaurant that evening for dinner before settling down for card playing that night!!  Guys against girls - and yes, they ALWAYS got the good cards!!  What fun we had between euchre and dummy rummy!  To Be Cont'd...................

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Guess What's Sitting In Our Garage?

YES - a different car!!!  Our friend had found one online for us and it seemed to be the perfect one - he ordered it and it arrived a week ago!  It's a 2017 Ford Explorer Limited - used but with lots of bells and whistles on it!!  Even though I drove it home on Monday night, I didn't get to spend any time learning how it all works since we were heading out to Reno the next morning!

Now that we're back, it's time to get that manual out and figure out how all the buttons work!!  I'm excited to drive it!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Ice Fishing in Gunnison

When the girls and I used to do scrapbooking together we always had a saying - if it wasn't in the scrapbook, it didn't happen!  So even though I have no pictures of our ice fishing trip to Gunnison, I guess I better blog about it since it DID happen!

Gunnison seemed to be the only place around that had ice on it so we headed out on a Wed. morning to spend a couple of nights over there...................we stopped at Florissant for coffee to go and had a nice drive over.

Since it was still New Year's week, the place where we usually stay in Almont was all booked up - so I booked us a couple of nights at a motel, Days Inn and Suites.  It was on Hwy 50 so only 10  min to the lake for Glenn which worked out great!  We arrived at noon and of course check-in wasn't till 4:00 but luckily our room was open so we could check in - I had booked a suite (just a little larger than a regular room but it had a couch in it) and it was fine, nothing fancy but always nice to have a frig and microwave.

Glenn headed out to fish - I did computer work and read.  Dinner was at a cute pizza place with some of the best pizza we've ever had!  Thursday Glenn headed out for the day and as soon as the temperature climbed from one degree to 10 degrees, I bundled up and walked about 1/2 mile to a coffee place I had seen (I can spot those places a LONG ways off!!)  It was WELL worth the trip as the coffee was delicious!

Another day of reading and TV for me while Glenn slaved at the fishing hole, not catching any perch at all but trout..............he still had fun but he was sure wishing for perch!  Our dinner that evening was just OK at one of the places downtown and we headed home the next day!  Not one of our exciting trips for sure but it DID happen and I DID blog about it!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

New Year's Eve

Can New Year's Eve get any more exciting than this????  STAYING HOME!!  Ha - we are getting old - we have no desire to do anything on New Year's Eve but watch a movie in the comfort of our home!

Robby, Jill and the kids DID come down though - they arrived around lunchtime and Robby immediately started hooking up our NEW desktop computer!!  Our old one was having issues and Robby found us a great deal so we ordered one!  It's an "all in one" like what we had at Mountain Aspen so it's nice to be rid of the tower and now there's so much more room on the desk!

We had an early dinner and then Jill's left to spend the evening and nite with friends in W. Pk - I did step out on the front porch at 9:00pm and saw the 3 pre-fireworks set off of the peak - but I sure didn't make it till midnight to see the big display!  We actually babysat Bouncer, their dog - not that there was much to do!!

Jill's came back around noon New Years Day and we spent the day playing games, hot tubbing and relaxing.  It was a nice enjoyable day - I can't believe I didn't take any pictures except one the next morning before they left!!  Oh well.............

The kids always enjoy their hot cocoa out of the Keurig machine!  Here's to 2018 - another great year I'm predicting!!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Iowa Visitors

Our granddaughter Nedelle from Iowa and her mom were in Colorado for Christmas so they came up one day so we could see them!  Nedelle just turned 14 and has really gotten tall this last year!

Her and Glenn had fun playing pool!

And she was so excited when she got to feed the deer!

We had a nice visit and it was fun to see her!  Soon she'll be taller than Glenn!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Post Christmas Fun

After Christmas, Jaime, Rayna and I headed to Co. Springs for an early lunch at Garden of the Gods Deli Market - I've been here a few times and the food is always delicious!  This day was no exception!

Then we headed to Old Colorado City and went to the Michael Garman Gallery - yes, a little culture for the day!  We went through "Magic Town" which is a 3000 sq ft miniature city that combines hundreds of intricately detailed sculptures and city scapes with magical elements.  It was inspired by Garman's vagabond experiences during the 50's and 60's, done in a 1/6 scale.  There are buildings and alleyways and all kinds of business places set into this town.  Quite unique!

You also could do a scavenger hunt as you went through - which we did!  Each of us received a paper with 5 different questions on things to look for as you toured the city - and we even got them all right!

It was a fun day together eating, visiting, and seeing the gallery!